Digital technologies are transforming all sectors of our economy and will increasingly do so in the years to come. Thanks to the increasing capabilities of digital technologies, the next generation of smart industrial control systems (SICS) are expected to learn from streams of data and to take optimal decisions in real-time on the process at hand, leading to increased performance, safety, energy efficiency, and ultimately value creation.

To realize this potential, embedded learning and optimization methods need to be developed, able to operate in industrial devices and to guarantee high safety standards.

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Assembly of temperature control devices at TOOL-TEMP, one of ELO-X members. ELO-X will enable intelligent and energy-optimal operation of these devices.

ELO-X addresses the timely and pressing need for highly qualified and competent researchers, able to develop embedded learning- and optimization-based control methodologies for SICS, thus enabling new technologies and the next generation of digital industrial products and processes.

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Siemens virtual and physical vehicle platform for autonomous driving research, in particular testing and validating embedded MPC and learning control technologies.



Applied Mathematics

Control Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

ElectrIcal Engineering


Numerical Optimization

Embedded Systems

Machine Learning

Hybrid Systems








Industrial Compressors

Sensor Arrays

Electric Drives

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Atlas Copco oil-free compressor with integrated dryer. A group of these compressors is steered by an embedded central controller running embedded Model Predictive Control algorithms.


ELO-X is a Marie-Skłodowska Curie Innovative Training Network (ITN) funded by the European Commission Horizon 2020 program. With 15 doctoral researchers working at 6 research universities and 5 international companies from 5 European countries, and further 4 partner organizations in China, Japan and the US, ELO-X will accelerate research and development in embedded learning and optimization, delivering new methods and applications.


ELO-X will train skilled researchers able to further advance research and technology transfer of embedded learning and decision-making solutions to industry, reinforcing the EU technological leadership in strategic industrial fields such as transportation, energy, infrastructures, and manufacturing.

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Siemens R&D vehicle platform including different sensors and computation hardware. The vehicle can be used for data collection, validating learning control algorithms online with real traffic data.